Live events are still the most impact-full way to get the undivided attention of your sales, partners or clients for a new product or service. We are convinced it requires creativity, innovation and imagination

YBT helps you to translate your ideas for the launch to the possibilities of the city and its resources up to a breathtaking and rightly targeted product launch to assure a memorable experience during the launch and beyond.

"Many thanks to YBT for helping us to create a very special kick-off for all our European clients. We will never forget it! All preparations towards the kick-off ran very smoothly, even when some things needed to be changed a couple of times. Flexibility and perfection is what YBT is about. During the day itself YBT provided great guidance, and even in unforeseen circumstances they kept calm and just made sure everything kept going as it should."

Sandie de Wilt - Stationery team